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This post has been written by Jon Knock on behalf of Theraposture. Aimed at assisting healthcare professionals with care cot prescriptions, Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Theraposture Trusted Assessor, has delivered a well-attended CPD seminar at Kidz to Adultz South.

The Kidz to Adultz South exhibition once again provided the opportunity for therapists, carers and families to see and experience the latest products and services for disabled children and young adults.The show also included CPD-accredited educational seminars focusing on a range of topics vital to everyday professional practice. Shaun’s session was the first to be focused on care cots. And he is planning further associated topics in the future.

‘Becoming confident in prescribing cot beds for better sleep hygiene, client care and moving and handling’

Shaun’s seminar explored the many aspects to consider when specifying beds for maximum occupation. Shaun highlighted the difficulties faced with prescribing paediatric sleeping solutions. He discussed the wider implications on health and day-to-day function whilst examining our nature to care for others. Topics also featured future proofing for a child’s needs as they develop and the impact on parent and carer capabilities.

Over 75 Occupational Therapists attended the seminar to listen about Shaun’s experience as a fellow healthcare professional. He explained that the cheapest cot is not always the best choice for long term value. Also, he mentioned that durability and a fully modular design gives flexibility for future or varying needs. This subsequently reduces equipment wastage and maximises budget expenditure both in the public and private sector.

Other key areas that Shaun illustrated at Kidz to Adultz South included legislation regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks. Both of these factors can be misunderstood or overlooked.

He explained the important of selecting cots that fully conform to British Standard BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights. For example, they provide appropriate variable height technology to ensure back injury is minimised for carers. Many cots do provide hi-lo functionality but may not provide the required range. Equally, considering the quality, material, application and fitting of safety padding needs to be carefully assessed when selecting a cot. This is to ensure that users are not exposed to gaps or entrapment risks especially if they are highly active or have challenging behaviour.

Following his presentation, Shaun was able to leverage his 15 years of experience to assist fellow peers who required specific information for individual client cases. OTs were able to visit the Theraposture stand so they could understand fully, why truly modular care cots such as the Mascot Mk2, provide the most cost effective solution for statutory services and private provision. Feedback from delegates was positive regarding Shaun’s educational content and several expressed an interest in the possibility of further paediatric and adult product training by Theraposture.

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Our next event is Kidz to Adultz Wales & West taking place on Thursday 4th July in Bristol.

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