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Ottobock is a world leading supplier of high quality, innovative and practical solutions that restore human mobility and help people to rediscover personal independence. We’ve been established in the UK since 1976 and provide high quality prosthetic and orthotic components, wheelchairs, rehabilitation and mobility products available through the country’s leading clinics and dealers.

Where can you find us?

You can find us on stand C3, come over and say hello!

What can you see?

We’re excited to share a range of Mobility and Orthotics products designed specifically for children and young people.


There are will be a selection of wheelchairs on display for families to see and test out during the show, from the highly manoeuvrable powered wheelchair Skippi, designed for children with severe mobility difficulties, to the Nurmi Neo gait trainer for youngsters who can walk but need a little extra support. There is also the Bravo Racer, an adaptable wheelchair that is designed specifically with active, sporty children in mind. This dynamic-playful rigid-frame wheelchair offers a multitude of options to make sure that each Bravo Racer is as unique as the child that uses it.

For families that have heavier children or young adults looking for easy transportation, we have Lisa, a compact folding buggy with particularly high stability and a load capacity of up to 60kgs. Available all day long to help children, young people and their families identify the right mobility solution for their needs will be our trio of friendly experts Simon, Dean and Mark.

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This year, several of Ottobock’s most popular and innovative adult products have been adapted in smaller sizes to allow children with a broad range of neurological conditions to experience their best level of mobility. Lightweight, streamlined and comfortable, many of these products will be on display throughout the day. Some of the highlights include the Carbon Ankle 7 which is perfect for sports and play, addressing weakness and restricted motion of the dorsiflexor muscles which lift and lower the foot during the gait cycle.

Families searching for the perfect solution for next year’s holiday can also see the new paediatric sizes of the ground-breaking Aqualine knee and ankle joints. As the world’s first fully waterproof custom orthotic joints they are unaffected by chlorine, saltwater, hydrotherapy water or soap, yet they are lightweight and comparable in durability to similar metal joints. Kevin and Sasha will be on hand throughout the day to share their orthotics expertise and guide young people and their families through the extensive range of products available.


Alongside mobility and orthotics, Ottobock is well known its ground-breaking prosthetic solutions for adults and children. 2017 has seen Ottobock release the first prosthetic knee joint with swing phase control for children; the 3R67. This knee joint is perfect for kids aged 6-12 who like to stay active as it adapts to running and walking speeds, as well as growing with the child. With Department of Health funding now available for children to receive sports prostheses through their NHS limb centres, young amputees are able to benefit from Ottobock’s sports technology including 1E93 Runner Junior blade, designed to help children up to 12 years participate in sports and activity.

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