This is a guest blog by Theraposture who will be exhibiting at Kidz to Adultz North on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at The Exhibition Centre in Liverpool. Click here to see more information and to register.

Theraposture will be showcasing its new in-stock, rapid delivery care cot packages at the Kidz-to-Adultz-up-North exhibition (The Exhibition Centre Liverpool, 17th November 2021, stand G3, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront).

Future-proofed by Theraposture

Since 1981, Theraposture has been a trusted market leading specialist in electrically adjustable care cots for disabled children and adults. Its Trusted Assessors support families and Occupational Therapists with a clinically led assessment service which focuses on achieving positive outcomes for all. Theraposture cots are specified for individual needs, so comfort, safety, personal choices, and peace of mind are all considered for everyone. The future proofed Mascot cot is an important part of Theraposture’s proven range. The Mascot is a modular system that can be configured from stock, and even adapted to meet changing needs. To meet the rising demand for urgent requirements, Theraposture have created two STOCK cot specifications, each including a mattress, full height soft padding and clear soft windows.

As we are all aware, there is currently a worldwide shortage of raw materials and problems with supply chains in all sectors, including Assistive Technology. This means that adjustable beds and care cots often take longer to provide from most suppliers.

Theraposture already have healthy stocks of Mascot Cot Beds and wipeable mattress. To create the two stock bed packages, they have also made padding in neutral colours with clear soft windows. This means that beds can be ordered and delivered typically within two weeks so the most urgent situations, such as safety risks and hospital discharges can be comfortably managed.

Safe and guaranteed

Theraposture provide all products with their 14-day Suitability Guarantee. All Theraposture beds, including the Mascot, comply with safety regulations DIN BS EN 60601-2-52 and DIN BS EN 50637:2017.

On stand G3 there will also be live demonstrations of its Mascot cot and a range of useful literature, case studies and details regarding its partnership with Newlife, the disabled children’s charity. Theraposture Trusted Assessors will be on hand to discuss individual cot bed needs on a one-to-one basis, whilst offering free chocolates and tape measures for Occupational Therapists and families.


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