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Widgit Symbols Support are pleased to be exhibiting at this year’s Venue to Virtual on Tuesday 2nd March at 3.30pm. 

Enabling students to have their voices heard

Share Community is a registered charity with a mission to help adults with learning disabilities, autism, physical or sensory impairments, and mental health needs realise their potential, have greater independence and live happier healthier lives.

They are passionate about enabling students to have their voices heard. Lockdown prompted innovation and the Student Newspaper was born! The newspaper is written by students for students and they are doing an amazing job!

Veneshia with her article

The first ever issue of the student newspaper

Impressively, the first ever issue of the student paper was created before the site was reopened so all the work was done remotely. Shem (Independent Living and Basic Skills Tutor) worked with the students via Zoom. They talked about what to include, what people would want to read about and then worked together to come up with their articles.

Written by the students for the students

For the students involved in creating the newspaper, it’s a source of great pride and a wonderful outlet for them to express themselves. Using the symbols means they can easily translate their thoughts and feelings in a way that their peers can read and enjoy.

The paper really helped bring the students together and connect with each other when everyone was stuck at home. As well as sending it electronically, a team of outreach workers were visiting students at home and going for socially distanced walks where they would bring along copies of the paper for students to see and talk about.

Here’s what they had to say:

The finished newspaper is distributed to the whole student body (and parents, carers and staff) who really love looking at it. Many were impressed with their fellow students’ work and really enjoyed reading the paper and finding out what everyone had to say, the symbols made this accessible for them.

Widgit are very happy to have been involved in this engaging and inspiring project and look forward to hearing about future issues of the student paper.

To find out more about Widgit and Symbols Support please visit: https://www.widgit.com/

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