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Richard Harvey, National Clinical Training Manager at Jiraffe is set to host a free online session at Kidz to Adultz Venue to Virtual on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 10.00am, named Postural Management – Secondary Complications.

As schools prepare to reopen, academic staff are faced with completing a wide range of preparations to ensure children are all set to re-enter classrooms amid a global pandemic.

To take away much of the stress, Jiraffe have set up Solutions; a flexible, easy to follow process to ensure postural support equipment receives the love and care needed without breaking the bank. That way, teachers can put aside their worries and focus on giving the best quality of education to their students.

Some of the key aspects of Jiraffe’s Solutions service include:


All products distributed by Jiraffe have been designed to last and perform well throughout their life. Sometimes equipment is in need of a little spruce-up, or needs to be safely re-issued to a new child, so they provide a refurbishment solution called ‘Refresh’.

There are three different options to choose from (Tier 1, 2 or 3) which can completely refurbish equipment and make it good as new again. It even includes a new battery and 12-month warranty on the highest tier. Extending the life of a Jiraffe product can be far more cost effective than replacing the entire device.


Jiraffe are committed to ensuring their operations have a minimal impact on the environment. If a product has reached the end of its life-cycle, Jiraffe offer to pick up and recycle all parts responsibly.

Owners can also return their old Jiraffe products for recycling, safe disposal or up-cycling at any time – regardless of age or condition – in exchange for a voucher to help pay for a brand-new replacement.


Just as a car needs a regular MOT to ensure it’s safe to stay on the road, medical devices also need a full, regular check-up to ensure they are safe and functioning correctly.

Jiraffe can provide a full inspection (Medical Device Maintenance Check) of any of their products of any age at a time and place to suit you.

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Emergency Posture Provision

Emergency Posture Provision is a service designed to provide easy access to postural support equipment on flexible three or six month contracts. Jiraffe offer a range of devices to choose from, all available at a low cost and immediate provision.

Jiraffe are aware that circumstances often change, which is why at the end of a contract customers are offered the option of renewal, return or to even purchase the equipment.

Further information about Jiraffe solutions is available here.

Learn more about Jiraffe’s slot at Venue to Virtual

Richard will be there to give valuable insight into the importance of postural management, and the knock-on effects adopting a poor posture can have over a long period of time; including how this can lead to tissue damage such as tears, fractures and pressure.

Richard will also go into detail about the potential increased risk of infection if poor posture is left unchecked, discuss how to manage pain and discomfort for a better quality of life, as well as answer questions about Jiraffe’s standing frames, seating systems and mobility support.

Who are Jiraffe?

Jiraffe is the UK distribution division of Jenx Ltd, a family-run company established almost 40 years ago by a paediatric physiotherapist and a product designer with the aim of enriching lives and changing perceptions about disability.

Find out more about how they’re providing postural support to people of all ages and physical abilities on their website: https://www.jiraffe.org.uk

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