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This post has been written by Seating Matters, who are changing the world through healthcare seating. We design and manufacture therapeutic seating to improve comfort and quality of life of patients in healthcare environments such as hospitals and care homes. They are used to support children with conditions such as cerebral palsy, learning difficulty, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, head injury etc.

Seating Matters are offering a FREE copy of the Clinician’s Seating Handbook to all attendees of the Kidz to Adultz North event

The Clinician’s Seating Handbook is a clinical, educational resource written by Occupational Therapist & Clinical Director, Martina Tierney.

This is an essential clinical resource containing clinical research to assist with your evidence based practice and justification in the provision of seating.

  • Providing practical tips on performing seating assessments.
  • Your go-to guide for supporting various spinal presentations.
  • Research on seating in relation to pressure and postural improvements.
  • A guide to seating bariatric patients.
  • Demonstrates complex patient case studies with proven physical and psychological improvements.

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Martina Tierney, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Director at Seating Matters will be presenting in seminar room 1 at the Kidz to Adultz North event Thursday on 8th November. Come along at 10:30am to hear Martina’s inspirational talk on The Effectiveness of Specialised Seating for Children. Seating Matters are offering a FREE copy of The Clinician’s Seating Handbook for attendees.

Click here to request your copy. See you there – we will be on stand C2.

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