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This is a guest blog by Neater Solutions, an exhibitor at our Kidz to Adultz events.

Neater Solutions, like most companies, have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions. Their assistive technologies for eating, drinking and activity need to be experienced to ensure they meet the client’s needs.

The VB Robotic Neater Eater

Visiting homes has become increasingly difficult, so to enable clients to try equipment is a challenge. The V6 Robotic Neater Eater, the most technologically advanced eating aid in the world currently, has been designed to be easy for anyone to set up and get eating independently. With that in mind we thought it a good idea to offer the facility of a home delivery self-assessment service with remote office support.

The V6 has been featured at many Kidz to Adultz events over the past 2 years and has always received a lot of positive attention. Its clever use of App technology on its supplied smart tablet, provides a step by step set up process. The V6 also can be operated using a blue tooth enabled mouse or track ball, switches or buttons and even Eye Gaze.

Simple to Set Up and Use

The users need only switch on and follow the prompts. Pressing on the help area provides 3 pages of set up videos and a full instruction manual, and Neater provide telephone assistance for any other eventuality.

For our home delivery service, which would normally be arranged in consultation with an Occupational Therapist, the V6 will be pre cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to ensure it is disinfected and can be sent to the client in a reusable tough case. We recommend that upon receipt the client does not open the box for 72 hours to ensure it is virus free. The unit can then be tried for 48 hours and then a collection is arranged. The client can leave the unit boxed outside their property for collection to minimise contact. When it returns it has another deep clean ready for the next client trial.

Please take a look at these useful video links, which provide context for this article.

Get in Touch with Neater Solutions

For more details on this service please call the office on 01298238823 or email You can also visit our website

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