This is a guest blog by Abacus who will be exhibiting at the Kidz to Adultz Exhibitions Wales & West on the 7th July 2022.

As part of the CPD programme from Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions, Kate Sheehan, Occupational Therapist, will present the ‘Managing bathing posture to support engagement and safety’ in seminar room 2 at 1pm.

Seminars and prize draw educational overview

Bathing can be important to people for a variety of different reasons, whether it be to benefit relaxation, sleep, play, or relationships. However, following a client centred and holistic bathing assessment, that identifies bathing as meaningful, the practicalities of making that a reality, particularly for someone with postural needs, can seem daunting and challenging.

This session looks to consider the theory behind bathing posture, linked to functional engagement, safety and long-term health and well-being.  Practical demonstration of product will be used to reinforce this learning and reflect on opportunities to meet this clinical and functional challenge.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss individual client challenges both within the session and on the Abacus stand, G2. The stand will also include live demonstrations of the future-proofed Gemini 2000 bath, which won the ‘Excellence in Caring’ Award at the OT Show, alongside the Aries 2000 and Scorpio. To learn more visit  


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