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The Kidz team at Disabled Living are always busy planning for our next exhibition. We organise 5  Kidz to Adultz exhibitions in different locations through the UK each year. These are some of the largest FREE  UK events dedicated to children and young adults and those who support them.

For us, providing information for those with disabilities and additional needs and to their parents and carers is essential.

There’s a lot of planning, research, and production that goes into creating the right event for your audience. And we believe that there are many different things to think about to enable our visitors to get the most of the event. It’s equally important for us to be able to grow our contacts in order to develop the futures of children and young adults.

girl smiling suing bat in her hand

Here are our top 10 tips for running your exhibition:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Make connections but don’t force them – speak and listen to people
  3. Arrive in good time (to set-up and make sure everything’s in place)
  4. Have a tidy and presentable display/stand
  5. Have a checklist of items needed and tasks to be completed
  6. Stand out and have something for your visitors to interact with
  7. Know all about your products and services
  8. Make sure a representative is always at your stand
  9. Have the correct body language and friendly professional manner
  10. Follow-up feedback and thank your visitors for attending

What do you think the important factors of running an exhibition are?

Kidz Scotland

Our next free Kidz to Adultz exhibition takes place on Thursday 14 September at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. Please visit this page for more information.

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