This is a guest blog by the Autism Education Trust on resources, awareness and educational packs for Autism Acceptance Week. 

From 28th March – 3rd April 2022, we will be celebrating Autism Acceptance Week! The event encourages people all over the UK to open conversations about autism, raise understanding and peer awareness, and better the wellbeing of autistic people.

In the UK, over 1 in 100 people are autistic and the number of children receiving an autism diagnosis is rising. Therefore, at the Autism Education Trust, we are sharing a bundle of resources and information to help you get involved.

We have created a series of videos to share the experiences of autistic learners and those who work with them.

In one video, Autistic young people share why Autism Acceptance Week is so important to them.

One young person said: “Autism Acceptance Week is really important to me because I’ve spent so many years hiding my autism, and I’ve been on a journey of self-acceptance, really. I’ve finally begun to accept myself and work with my autism and create a life where I’m happy. And I think that part of the reason behind that is because I’ve grown up in a world where autism isn’t really discussed, and even when it has been discussed, it’s not actually accepted.”

We would also like to share five versions of our Autism Acceptance Week Education Packs: Let’s Learn About Autism.

  1. Early Years
  2. 4 – 7 Primary
  3. 8 – 11 Primary
  4. Secondary
  5. Post 16

For Schools

You will find everything you need for an assembly or PSHE lesson about autism in our ready-made pack. The resources are adaptable, between 35 minutes to 1.5 hours, and can be delivered over multiple sessions.

The pack contains a presentation, a worksheet and a teacher’s guide.

We will also signpost you to short, informative, animated videos. These will explain more about autism, and you can add them into your sessions.

For Early Years, Schools and Post-16 settings

A vibrant and informative poster about autism for your staff room. The poster presents bite-sized information about autism, which you can skim as you sip your tea and share with your colleagues.

The poster offers a 4-step approach to support children by

  • explaining what autism is
  • explaining how the three areas of difference can manifest through behaviours of distress
  • offering steps that education professionals can take immediately
  • giving a little more information about support from the Autism Education Trust

For Early Years and Schools

Printable communication cards: a simple starter-pack selection, with the most important communication cards to support visual learners.

You could share these resources with your child’s school or explore them yourself to learn more about autism!

Sign up for the Autism Acceptance Week Education Pack:

At the Autism Education Trust, we are committed to giving you the knowledge and confidence to open conversations about neuro-difference.

Visit our website for more information about autism and join the movement during Autism Acceptance Week.

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