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Kidz to Adultz North – CPD Seminars

Boost your CPD portfolio and gain credits by attending one or more of the FREE seminars at Kidz to Adultz North 2019.



Room 1: Bathing and sleeping – joining the dots

This seminar focuses on the link between bathing and good sleep and how a good night-time routine can improve sleep for children, their family and carers. It will incorporate both professional and personal experiences and finally it will reflect on bathing as an occupation to support clinical reasoning and evidence based practice.

adam stood next to bath on exhibition stand


Adam Ferry
Occupational Therapist

The OT Service
Stand C3

Room 2: Communicating without speech: an introduction to alternative communication

Do you support a child or young person who finds speaking difficult? This seminar will explain how we can help those without speech to communicate effectively. Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) can be used instead of or add to speech. It includes pictures, symbols, signs or more complex techniques involving technology.

The session will be led by Olly Robinson, Speech and Language Therapist at Seashell Trust. Olly will draw out key lessons from his experience of using AAC at a school for children with complex needs. He will introduce different types of AAC and explore strategies for implementing them.

Kidz to Adultz North Seminar speaker Olly Robinson - Seashell Trust

Olly Robinson
Speech and Language Therapist
Seashell Trust
Stand V18


Room1: Manual handling in the home: challenges and choices

The seminar is aimed at those working with families in their own homes, where ideal manual handling may be difficult to achieve.

Delegates will:
• Examine the challenges that we often face, such as our responsibilities when families choose not to accept our advice and recommendations
• Review the support available through publications from the RCOT and CSP
• Consider typical environmental and practical challenges, such as working on a double bed
• Identify possible practical solutions to these challenges


Elizabeth Hallows
Chartered Physiotherapist and Manual Handling Advisor

Room 2: Promoting physical activity for social engagement and health

Children and adults with significant physical disabilities are often relegated to the side-lines of life, with passive positioning that results in worsening of deformity and general health. The field of therapy widely recognizes that opportunities for physical activity can bolster health and well-being. This session will provide current knowledge to support effective parent and therapist decision-making.

Lori Potts Kidz to Adultz North seminar speaker

Lori Potts
PT Physical Therapist
Stand C1


Room 1: How to manage the transition from child to adult with a neuromuscular condition

This seminar is aimed towards individuals living with a neuromuscular condition, parents of children with the condition or OT’s and physios who are supporting individuals with neuromuscular conditions. Getting them to think and reflect on what is needed in order to make the transition to adulthood with a neuromuscular condition possible, but most importantly, fun, hard work and reward!

It will help to understand why attitude, determination and commitment is so fundamental to transitioning from a child to an adult with a neuromuscular condition and what can be achieved if done correctly.

Josh Wintersgill - AbleMove - Kidz to Adultz North speaker

Josh Wintersgill
Founder and Director
Stand E7a

Room 2: Toilet training children with autism and other developmental disabilities

This seminar will discuss the importance of toilet training, when to start and will make suggestions on programmes that support children with developmental disabilities, including autism. Also, the seminar will be suitable for parents and carers of children with additional needs as well as for the healthcare, social care or education professionals who support them.

Davina Richardson BBUK

Davina Richardson
Specialist Children’s Nurse
Bladder & Bowel UK (part of Disabled Living)
Stand DL1


Room1: Education, health and care plans – what EHCPs are, the EHCP process and how to appeal if you’re not happy with an EHCP

The seminar will deal with what EHCPs are, the EHCP process and how to appeal if you’re not happy with an EHCP.

The presentation will cover: the purpose and content/structure of an EHCP (including a summary of the different sections) and the process for obtaining an EHCP.

Kidz to Adultz Middle 2019 Seminar speaker Gibby Rachel

Rachel Gibby
CL Medilaw

Stand A13

Room 2: Autism; social communication and why early intervention is important

The objectives of this seminar are:
• To present an overview on social communication disorder and autism
• To explore the current national and local drivers.
• To understand the difficulty in diagnosing autism.
• To explore sensory processing disorder and its impact (whistle stop tour!),
• To identify early interventions

thumbnail photo of alison at her desk

Alison Butterworth
Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Community Paediatric Service
Pennine Care Foundation Trust


Room 1: The hitch-hikers guide to reasonable force

Humans holding other humans has always been a contentious and somewhat taboo subject. Doug Melia will take you all on an interstellar journey through the legal, medical and operational framework for managing the behaviours that challenge.
Visiting human rights principles for the elderly, for small children and with a flyby of considerations that need to be made for SEN, Learning difficulty or for those who have disabilities.

Doug Melia - Safer Handling Seminar speaker


Doug Melia
Use of force specialist
Safer Handling

Room 2: Evidence based approach to sleep issues

This seminar will look at the details of the latest research projects around ADHD and ASD, including the interventions and outcomes, that The Children’s Sleep Charity have been involved in.

Claire and Carol have 19 years combined experience as trained Sleep Practitioners and have been working with the charity since its conception in 2012. They are both parents of young men with complex health needs and significant disabilities and were both once sleep deprived parents.

Claire Earley - Children Sleep Charity     Carol Batchelor - Children Sleep Charity

Claire Earley and Carol Batchelor
Sleep Practitioners
The Children’s Sleep Charity

Stand V14

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