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Kidz to Adultz Middle Seminar Programme

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Seminar Programme for Kidz to Adultz Middle 2020

Seminar rooms are located past the main exhibition hall and Kidz to Adultz Registration area, down the concourse on the left.

Delegates will be able to boost their CPD by attending one or more of the 10 accredited presentations running alongside the exhibitions. Seminars cover a wide range of issues and topics of interest to families, carers, individuals and the professionals who support them. Presentations last around 45 minutes with a question and answer session at the end. The experts will be on hand throughout the day to answer any further questions you may have. Entry is FREE on a first come first served basis. Certificates of attendance will be available to collect on the day.

10:30am – Seminar Room 1 – Vodafone Business Lounge

Education, Health and Care Plans – what EHCP’s are, The EHCP process and how to appeal if you’re not happy with an EHCP

The presentation will cover:

  • The purpose and content/structure of an EHCP (including a summary of the different sections)
  • The process for obtaining an EHCP
  • Timeframes and deadlines
  • Maintenance of the EHCP and the review/re-assessment process
  • A summary of grounds for appeal and the appeal process.

Rachel Gibby, CL Medilaw Seminar Speaker


Rachel Gibby
CL Medilaw
Stand E10

10:30am – Seminar Room 2 – Directors Lounge

Future Proof Hoisting

There are lots of different scenarios where hoisting children can be challenging, and this practical seminar will explore how good planning for your Overhead Hoists will help meet the long-term hoisting needs of a child. This seminar will look at when to plan for an overhead hoist, considerations when planning for this type of hoist and innovative solutions to maximise function and minimise disruption during installation.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the Overhead Hoist planning process
  • Appreciation of different solutions to the same problem
  • Awareness of how to plan for the changing needs of the child and their family.

Colin Williams Seminar Speaker


Colin Williams
Category Sales Manager – Overhead Hoist
Etac R82
Stand DL

11:30am – Seminar Room 1 – Vodafone Business Lounge

Practical Strategies to Improve Sleep

This seminar will look at the practical strategies to improve sleep using an evidenced based approach. It will also explore why children and young people with SEND are more at risk of sleep issues.  Participants will learn about a behavioural approach to sleep and practical strategies that can be used to help to support children and their families to get a better night’s sleep.

Helen Rutherford, Sleep Practitioner, The Children's Sleep Charity, Seminar Speaker


Helen Rutherford
Sleep Practitioner 
The Children’s Sleep Charity
Stand V10

11:30am – Seminar Room 2 – Directors Lounge

Assessing for Seating: Implications Within a 24 Hour Postural Management Plan

The aim of this seminar is:

  • To gain/develop an understanding of the importance of 24-hour postural management and how seating fits in to this programme
  • Understanding the internal and external factors that affect a person’s posture. Applied forces to the body and how detrimental this can be
  • The importance of early intervention to gain a better outcome for a child with neuro-disabilities
  • How to undertake a postural assessment for seating; tips on how to accurately assess the needs of your client, how to get the best out of your seating system (what to consider)

Richard Harvey Seminar Speaker


Richard Harvey PGCert
National Clinical Training Manager
Stand D4

1:00pm – Seminar Room 1 – Vodafone Business Lounge

Bathing and Sleep – Joining the Dots

This seminar focuses on the link between bathing and good sleep and how a good night-time routine can improve sleep for children, their family and carers. It will incorporate both professional and personal experiences, finally it will reflect on bathing as an occupation to support clinical reasoning and evidence based practice.


  • Develop understanding of sleep and bathing as occupations
  • Explore research that links bathing and sleep patterns
  • Discuss implications of bathing research for our clients
  • Reflect on impact for carers of children with disturbed sleep patterns or challenging behaviours
  • Greater understanding of supportive legislation

adam stood next to bath on exhibition stand


Adam Ferry
Occupational Therapist
The OT Service
Stand E14

1:00pm – Seminar Room 2 – Directors Lounge

Toilet Training Children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Toilet training is an area of child development that most parents find stressful, with much conflicting information. However, it is important for all children’s independence, self-esteem and socialisation and quality of life. With the appropriate support many children with additional needs can toilet train at the same age as their typically developing peers.This seminar will discuss the importance of toilet training, when to start and will make suggestions on programmes that support children with developmental disabilities, including autism.

Davina Richardson Seminar Photo
Davina Richardson
Children’s Specialist Nurse
Disabled Living, Bladder & Bowel UK
Stand E1



Changed to originally advertised

2:00pm – Seminar Room 1 – Vodafone Business Lounge

How to Manage the Transition From Child to Adult with a Neuromuscular Condition

This seminar is aimed towards individuals living with a neuromuscular condition, parents of children with the condition or OT’s and physios who are supporting individuals with neuromuscular conditions. Getting them to think and reflect on what is needed in order to make the transition to adulthood with a neuromuscular condition possible, but most importantly, fun, hard work and reward!

Learning outcomes:

  • The need for positive mental attitude and how to stay positive
  • Accepting the condition, and being determined on how to influence your future
  • Staying committed to yourself and the support network around you

Joshua Wintersgill
Founder and Director
Stand B13

2:00pm – Seminar Room 2 – Directors Lounge

AspergerWorld: Thriving with a Disability, Autism and Gaslighting

World awarded, this seminar offers autistic and disabled insights into thriving with a disability, and gaslighting. This seminar focuses on thriving with a disability, hidden disability, overcoming challenges and Autism quirks. On completion of the presentation, it is hoped that you will gain an in-depth personal account of thriving with a hidden disability.

  • Uncover the heart-breaking truth of unintentional Gaslighting and how anyone, even friends and families can unintentionally harm autistic individuals, due to lack of understanding.
  • Understand the detrimental impact that masking, mental health and shutdowns has on development and wellbeing.
  • Challenge stereotypes, and misconceptions of disability.
  • Be inspired by autism’s quirks, and autism acceptance, to appreciate the diverse traits of autism and disability.

Joely Colmer


Joely Colmer
Autistic / Autism Trainer / Motivational Speaker
Stand V14

3:00pm – Seminar Room 1 – Vodafone Business Lounge

Communicating within the Community

The aim of this seminar is to inform you what Makaton Friendly is all about, as well as teaching you a few signs to get you started. Makaton Friendly is an initiative which has moved further towards the community space, it has been recognised we need to identify more places outside of educational settings, to allow individuals to communicate with a wider range of people and allow for more opportunities to have independence, be heard and seen. This can support, reducing frustrations and give you more ideas about where to get out and about.

Hannah Anderson Seminar Speaker
Hannah Anderson
Makaton Regional Tutor / Founder of the first Makaton Friendly Town
The Makaton Charity
Stand V20

3:00pm – Seminar Room 2 – Directors Lounge

Simple Ways to Support Early AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) Learners

Discover our Simple Augmentative and Alternative Communication framework and how it brings together the key ideas about how we can help support early AAC learners to develop their communication skills. You will learn 9 different implementation strategies (one for each letter of Simple AAC). These strategies cover everything from modelling and making it interesting, to thinking about the ways we can respond to AAC users. We will have some handy low tech resources available to help you get started with these strategies straight away.

Keira Fewtrell, Smartbox, Seminar Speaker

Keira Fewtrell

Assistive Technology Specialist
Smartbox Assistive Technology
Stand B12

It’s important that we have a seminar programme to benefit you. Do you have any suggestions for topics that would help you with your professional development or as a parent/carer? Contact Disabled Living today: info@disabledliving.co.uk.

Upon attending a talk from our seminar programme, CPD certificates will be given.

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